Welcome to California!

As a State, we have a rich diversity of people, landscapes and ideas. A visual representation of the diversity of the Grange organization in California is found by the locations of the Grange Meeting Halls. These can be found among the redwoods, oaks and pines in the North, all along the Pacific Coast, throughout the farming communities of the Central Valley, and among the far southern reaches down to San Diego County. Come and visit California and our Granges.

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Current Grange News

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The new issue of the California Granger is now available. This issue includes Convention Wrap-Up, Western States Conference News, and latest news from the National Grange Legislative Director.

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This is official notice of the next Board of Directors Meeting of the California State Grange.

The meeting will open on Saturday September 17th, 2016 at 9:00 AM and will close at 3:00 PM for Closed Session. On Sunday September 18th, the meeting will reopen at 9:00 AM and close at 2:00 PM.

All members in good standing may attend any open session meeting of the Board of Directors of the California State Grange. Closed session are called to discuss confidential legal or personnel matter.

If you wish to address the Board at the meeting regarding a specific issue, you must notify the State Secretary, Lillian Booth no later than than the 5:00 PM on Monday, September 12, 2016 per Section 6.3.3(c) of the California State Grange By-Laws.

Aren't you all getting tired of this legal stuff? I know I am but .......... you have to ask yourself why would Mr. McFarland want to defy a court judgment and waste more money and time by not returning Grange property back to the California State Grange? What's the point? Mr. McFarland continues to collect his salary while the Guild litigates to the bitter end, but the only result is the further waste of Grange assets on a hopeless fight. It is truly unfortunate. The California State Grange continues to take steps to recover the Grange property subject to the state court Judgment, notwithstanding the Guild's refusal to accept the reality that Mr. McFarland himself recognized back in 2010: Grange property was acquired by generations of Grangers and must remain in the Grange for future generations of our Order. No individual or group can take that property and use it for some other organization that has nothing to do with the Grange.

As you will see in this latest order from the state court, the California State Grange has been permitted to file a cross-complaint to recover the property subject to the Judgment. The judge spelled out for all to read that the California State Grange's cross complaint is filed "to enforce its rights under the Judgment. The record in this action reflects that the Unchartered State Grange has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of Grange property since April 5, 2012 and is planning to spend more before the appeal of the Judgment is concluded. The waste and dissipation of assets was the basis for the imposition of the $750,000 bond."

The cross-complaint will permit the California State Grange to put an end to the ongoing waste and dissipation of Grange assets by the Guild.

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In follow-up to the Appellate Court ruling denying the request for a stay of the undertaking order filed by Mr. McFarland and the order above granting leave to file, the California State Grange today filed its cross-complaint to recover the property subject to the Judgment that is improperly in the Guild's possession or control. In particular, the cross-complaint seeks:

1. an order that the real property described in the deed attached as Exhibit B, including the buildings located at 3830 U Street, 3823 V Street, and 2101 and 2103 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95817 be returned by the California Guild to the California State Grange;
2. an order that the California Guild pay $96,026.79, representing the balance in Wells Fargo account number XXXXXX8503 on April 5, 2013, to the California State Grange.
3. an order that the California Guild pay the amount equal to the balance in Morgan Stanley account number XXX-XXX374-040 on April 5, 2013, to the California State Grange.
4. an order that the California Guild pay the amount equal to the balance in Morgan Stanley account number XXX-XXX375-040 on April 5, 2013, to the California State Grange.
5. an order that the California Guild return the promissory notes, deeds of trust, and security instruments related to the loans to:

  •Big Valley Grange #680;
  •Chico Grange#486;
  •Corralitos Grange #487; Coyote Grange #412;
  •Honey Lake Valley Grange #825;
  •Meadow Vista Grange #721;
  •Rutherford Grange #371;
  •San Luis Obispo Grange #639

be returned to the California State Grange, and that all right, title, and interest in these loans belongs to the California State Grange. Click here to read cross-complaint!

Brothers and Sisters:

There is a group of California Grangers that are forming a travel group that intend on attending the 150th National Grange Convention in Washington D.C.November 14-20th 2016.

Depending on the number of folks and adventurous spirit, it is being determined how transcontinental transpiration will be defined (Planes, Trains, Automobiles or Wagons (lol)).

We are expecting a good size group to represent the California State Grange and if there is the desire to drive, the group might even be able to pick up other state Grange members along the way.

I am please to announce that Rich Sax, Master Aromas Grange has taken the lead as Wagon Master and going to coordinate the group. Contact Rich and let home know your thoughts -

813-726-3609 or


National Grange Sesquicentennial Anniversary

When is the National Grange’s birthday?

Oliver Hudson Kelly and the other seven founding members of the Grange discussed their new organization at length prior to the actual start of the Order. The first official meeting of the Founders as a Grange occurred in 1968, but prior to that the group had committed to creating the organization and working to write its rules and build its structure. Later, the early leaders of the Grange designated Dec. 4, 1867 as our “birthday.

The 150th birthday of the National Grange, then, is Dec. 4, 2017, however you will hold the 150th Annual National Grange Convention in 2016. How did that happen?

The early meetings of the National Grange, including the first in 1868, were held in February. As the Grange organization took hold around the country and farm members from all over joined with the excitement for social interaction with others and political voice for themselves and their industry, requiring delegates from State Granges to travel in what was one of the harshest winter months through most of the country, the early leaders decided to move the convention from February to a time post-harvest in November. In 1875 the last February session was held and another was held in November of that same year, the start of our long legacy of fall meetings. Our Digest of Laws requires that the annual convention be held in the month of November and commence on or before the 15th of the month.

Due to the multiple 150th dates, what will be the term for the Sesquicentennial celebration?

We will kick off the celebration of the 150 years of the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (#150YearsofGrange) at the 150th Annual National Grange Convention starting Nov. 15, 2016. In Spokane, Wash., at the 151st Convention, which will happen just before the official 150th birthday of the Grange, there will be an even bigger celebration and peripheral events to support our Order, its “brand” and our publicity goals. We will officially begin to wind down the celebration at the 152nd Annual Convention in 2018 in Stowe, Vt., just before we enter our 151st year that December, however, the Sesquicentennial logo with alteration to note the date of establishment, will continue to appear on several articles, supporting the continued focus on our theme of “ESTO PERPETUA” (to make sure the Grange endures and lives on for all the generations to come).

In the Federal Trademark lawsuit against the California Guild and Robert McFarland, the National Grange and the California State Grange filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, a motion for the preliminary injunction.

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On Friday, August 19th, the Court of Appeal denied Bob McFarland's motion to overturn the order requiring the Guild to post an undertaking of $750,000 to stay enforcement of the state court judgment. The California State Grange has already taken steps to file a new complaint to enforce that judgment.

You can read the Court's full order below. Once again, the Guild's arguments were so obviously baseless that the Court denied the motion without even asking for oral argument.

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The FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT filled by the National Grange and the California State Grange for:


was filled in Federal Court August 17th against the defendant California Guild and Mr. McFarland.

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Congradulations goes out to the Fiddletown Grange Fair Program youth who made an excellent showing at the Amador County Fair.

• Kasey Greilich - Showing her market lamb that graded Marketable Plus(highest grade)

• Mickayla Piatnik - Showing her market lamb in class. First time showman did great.

• Mickendra Piatnik: Quilt:1st place and best of show. Junior Division. Champion Bantam Hen and also showed a market lamb.

• Mason Davie, Jordan Lee and Mickendra Piatnik in market lamb class. All lambs locally bred and raised. Mason placed 2nd in his class going back in for champion.

• Megan Lynch - Showing her market steer which placed second in its class going back in for champion.

• Jack Koll - Showing his market steer placed 4th in its class.

Visit our Facebook page to see photos

150th Annual National Grange Convention

We Can't Wait to See You!

The 150th Annual National Grange Convention is approaching fast. Please be sure to join us this year, Nov. 15-19, as a participant/attendee or a volunteer. The Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel is currently taking reservations and there is plenty of free parking. We are strongly encouraging all attendees and states with bus trips planned to use the Host hotel. Like with all major conventions, we have a contractual obligation to use a number of sleeping rooms in order to receive hotel meeting space for free and other discounts. If we do not meet the minimum number of room nights contracted, we will owe the hotel thousands of dollars in "attrition."

Also, attendees who stay off property will miss a great amount of fellowship time and extra activities, many new workshops and surprises planned for this celebration year.

Save $5 by taking advantage of the Early Bird Discount if you register by Sept. 2nd.

Please come be a part of history and encourage your Grange friends to come too! You can register for the 150th Annual convention at www.nationalgrange.org or you can request a printed registration form by emailing Stephanie Tiller at stiller@nationalgrange.orgor by calling (202) 628-3507, ext. 113.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Convention Registration and Hotel Link

On August 16th, the federal court granted the National Grange’s motion to amend its complaint in the second trademark lawsuit brought against the Guild to address the ongoing confusion caused by the Guild’s legally and factually incorrect claims that it has any connection to or authority over Subordinate Granges in California. The amendment to the complaint adds new causes of action to address the Guild’s ongoing and unlawfully infringing conduct, and also adds the California State Grange as a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

A few highlights from the order. Oral argument is normally permitted if the opposing party (here, the Guild) has any argument that is reasonably likely to prevail, but Judge Schubb wrote that, "[h]aving read the parties' briefs, the court concludes that oral argument is unnecessary." The Court held that "[a]lthough defendants oppose plaintiff's motion to amend, none of their arguments pass muster." In particular, the Court rejected the Guild’s claims that it should not have to defend against “evolving” theories of its wrongdoing, holding that the National Grange’s "‘newly evolving theories,’ … would not be necessary if [the Guild] did not continually find creative ways to comply with the language of the injunction while still attempting to reap the benefits of the California State Grange's former affiliation with [the National Grange]." In other words, the National Grange was justified in seeking to amend its complaint to address the Guild’s ongoing attempts to claim the history and goodwill of the California State Grange, and to claim authority over Subordinate Granges.

Click here to view Court Order!

Letter and attachments were sent August 11, 2016 to Granges that received loans from the California State Grange prior to April 5, 2013.

Those loan receivables are subject to the state court Judgment. Payments to the Guild will NOT satisfy those Granges' obligations under the loans.

The documents were sent to notify Granges with such loans so as to protect California State Grange assets.

Click here to view letter.

Click here to view related legal documents.

The following Granges have returned to Good Standing in the Month of August:

• Independent Grange #470
• Lake Earl Grange #577
• Loma Rica #802


The following Granges have returned to Good Standing in the Month of July:

• Orland Grange #432
• Lucerne Valley Grange #844
• Stanislaus-Mountain View Grange #558
• Ione Grange #681
• Stonyford Grange #686
• Mad River Grange #580
• Sierra Valley Grange #466
• Palermo Grange #493
• Simoore Grange #857


The following Granges have returned to Good Standing in the Month of June:

• Ceres Grange #520
• Calaveras Grange #715


At the 141st Annual Session of the California State Grange the delegates considered 45 different resolutions, of which 25 were adopted.

Policies adopted include requirements for GMO labeling, Fracking, support for Ag Education and more. Click here to view resolutions adopted.

At the 141st Annual Session of the California State Grange, officers were elected for the consitutional term of two years. The Executive Committee was elected for three, two and one years respectively. The following were elected.

Master (President) - Ed Komski, Rainbow Valley Grange, San Diego Co.
Overseer (Vice President) - Josh Harper of Orangevale Grange, Sacramento Co.
Executive Committee - Bob Clouse, Orangevale Grange, Sacramento Co. - 3 year term
Executive Committee - Inger Bevans, Prunedale Grange, Monterey Co. - 2 year term
Executive Committee - Jerry Allen, Sebastopol Grange, Sonoma Co. - 1 year term
Lecturer - Katie Squire, Central Union Grange, Fresno Co.
Chaplain - Barbara Geiger, Aptos Grange, Santa Cruz Co.
Treasurer - Gary Abreim, Sebastopol Grange, Sonoma Co.
Secretary - Lillian Booth, DeSabla Grange, Butte Co.
Steward - Randy Turnquist - Aptos Grange, Santa Cruz Co.
Assistant Steward - Brandon Nebitt, Rosedale Grange, Kern Co.
Lady Assistant Steward - Suzi Laskowski, Rosedale Grange, Kern Co.
Gatekeeper - Vince Scholten, Sebastopol Grange, Sonoma Co.
Flora - Jayme West - Ramona Grange, San Diego Co.
Pomona - Nola Martini, Morgan Hill Grange, Santa Clara Co.
Ceres - Ruthie King, Little Lake Grange, Mendocino Co.
Musician - Martha Stefenoni, Bellevue Grange, Sonoma Co.

We will be updating our officer contacts within the next few days. Watch for more information on resolutions etc. in the next week.

A resolution was passed at the 2015 Annual Session of the California State Grange stating:

RESOLVED That upon completion of the current litigation, if the below named individuals reapply for membership in the Grange, charges shall be filed against those individuals by the Board of Directors of the California State Grange for alleged violations of Grange law.

Lawrence Jaffe, Sonoma County and Damian Parr, Santa Cruz County, were two of those individuals named in the resolution.

It has come to the attention of the Board that Mr. Jaffe and Dr. Parr have applied for membership in Sebastopol Grange and Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange, respectively.

Therefore, the Board of Directors (excluding the Master) of the California State Grange have charged Lawrence Jaffe and Damian Parr with violating their Grange obligations of membership for their participation in the attempted disaffiliation of the California State Grange from the National Grange by Robert McFarland and certain others in November of 2013, and for working in concert with other individuals to the detriment of the California State Grange.

The Digest of Laws provides, in relevant part: 12.2.3 The Master of the level where the complaint is filed shall have the authority to offer mediation to the complainant and respondent or make a ruling on the laws of the Order to remedy the complaint. If either the complainant or respondents finds that mediation or ruling by the Master fails to solve the issue, the provisions as set forth in sections 12.2.16 through 12.2.33 will be placed into effect.

I have offered mediation to both the Board (the complainant) and Mr. Jaffe and Dr. Parr (the respondents) and have made a ruling to remedy the complaint. Both, Mr. Jaffe and Dr. Parr have made it clear that they made a mistake in interpretation and execution of Grange Law as is applied to the suspension of Mr. McFarland, the suspension of the Charter of the California State Grange, and the revocation of the Charter of the California State Grange, and in the execution of the disaffiliation letter hand delivered by Leo Bergeron to the 2013 National Grange Annual Convention and the National Delegates.

It is with respect and dignity I ask all members to welcome the return of Mr. Jaffe and Mr. Parr as members in good standing in our Fraternal Order.

Its now available, the California Granger, the official publication of the California State Grange.

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The following Granges have returned to Good Standing in the Month of May:

• Clovis Sanger Fowler Grange #842
• Westside Grange #473
• Gazelle Grange #380


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The California Granger is the official news publication of the California State Grange. It is published every six weeks, and mailed to each member's home. Click here for current issue!

The 2016 State Grange annual session was held at the Orangevale Grange Hall (Orangevale CA). Session opened June 24th and closed on the 26th. Click here news from the Session.

The Grange, founded in 1867, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, fraternal organization that advocates for rural America and agriculture. With a strong history in grassroots activism, family values and community service, we invite you to learn more and become a member of the Grange. Click here for more...